Ozo Would Make Nenji And Dorathy Enemies If He Continues Doing These Things.


Ozo for sure can be called the most handsome housemate in the male this season of Big Brother Naija show, but yet he seems to be the most childish and unsettled housemate, when it comes to women issues.I mean why would you be confused on who you truly want in the house, you pick Nenji “the seducer” today, and tomorrow you pick Dorathy to be close to you.After picking Dorathy as your deputy as the HOH, you now went behind to apologise to Nenji and you tell me that you are not confused and childish?.

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Ozo definitely doesn’t know what he truly wants or maybe he does, but is so scared to go for what he wants in the house and how to balance the relationship he wants to keep in the house.His confusion might put these two boss queens to be at war with each other, they might become enemies because of this games he is playing.Ladies can be very complicated and i pray Ozo fixes himself before these two queens start displaying pure wrath and anger to each other because of him, just like Tacha and Mercy from last year.

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