Kiddwaya Is A Player: See What He Was Doing With Wathoni After Tochi Told Him That He Loves Her


The Big Brother Naija is already on the 13th day of its show as all the dramas and relationships are being displayed by the housemates. All the housemates are playing their script well so as to win the competition at the end of the event.

One of the currently trending male housemates is kiddwaya. He is known for chasing female housemates all around the house. Although Kiddwaya spoke of having unconditional love for Erica his words can not be judged because he is always seen flirting with other female’s housemates including Nengi.

This Afternoon, Tochi told kiddwaya about his plan for Wathoni. He said that he wanted to shoot his shot on her but do not know how to do it. Kiddwaya being skilled in flirting with girls advised Tochi on how to catch the feeling of Wathoni.

Things turn around some moment later as Kiddwaya was seen cuddling Wathoni who he promised to catch for Tochi. Kiddwaya and within was seen smiling and hugging each other on the bed and in front of Tochi.

This amazed Tochi on how kiddwaya is getting along with his crush, Wathoni instead of drawing her attention towards him.

Tochi staring at Kiddwaya and Wathoni on the couch as they embrace themselves.

This shows that kiddwaya is a player and can comfortably get the attention of most girls in the big brother’s house. Although, nobody knows the main motive of Wathoni this afternoon.

Did you think that Kiddwaya is a player in the house?

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