“I cannot be with you because I am busy with Wathony”- Prince tells Nengi


Nengi is playing a dangerous game in the house with smart players. If she is not careful, she will lose both men because of her crooked plan. She keeps telling Laycon that she has a boyfriend outside the house; thus, she cannot get into any romantic relationship with any man in the house aside friendship. Contrary to what she has been professing, she has been giving Prince and Ozo green cards since they got into the house. She literally seduces these men but when she gets them on, she will tell them that nothing can happen between them. What is the meaning of that?

Seems these guys are getting wiser as they have decided to start avoiding her. Ozo started the movement as he started spending more time with Dorathy instead of Nengi. He even turned down their launch together yesterday because she was playing tennis with Prince. So, Nengi wants the two of them literally but they are not ready to share her; also, she is not ready to date just one of them. Nengi is so confused. A drama happened yesterday night when she walked to Prince to have a conversation with him.

As she walked up to Prince, she met Prince chatting with Wathony but she still wants to interrupts their conversation and steal Prince away from Wathony but Prince as a wise guy just told her that he is busy with Wathony and he is not ready to leave at the moment. I am quite sure that Nengi will be shocked to the teeth because Prince has never defied any of her orders before.

Prince and Ozo are getting smart, especially now that Biggie has told Ozo in the diary to focus on the game and its prize instead of Nengi.

If Nengi is not very careful, she may lose at her own game and thereafter losing many fans because she is hurting these men emotionally which is intentionally done

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