“Give Artistes The Same Forgiveness You Give Yourself For Failing” – Runtwon Tells Fans


Nigerian singer, Runtown wants everyone to know that celebrities/public figures are also human beings and should be treated like one.

The singer took to his Twitter page to thrash the notion that celebrities are perfect superhuman beings. According to him, celebrities represent their excellence through their art but with the fame and fortune, they are still very much humans like the rest of us. He explained that sometimes, their flaws are made public and he expects every human to treat them the same way they would do to themselves.

Runtown added that celebrities should be forgiven the same forgiveness that every other human would give his/herself. He wrote: “We might be celebrities and represent excellence through our art. But we are very much like you, and sometimes, our flaws are made public, just like yours. That’s when we expect you to be human too, and to give us the same forgiveness you give yourself for failing. Pedestals <<<“

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