Bright O is really a genius!! See what happened after the second party in BBNaija house.


Bright O, who is usually referred to as a religious person; a pastor by his fans, had a discussion with his fellow housemate, Tolani baj few minutes after the party. While Prince was celebrating his birthday with other housemates in the house, Tolani baj and Bright O were busy discussing in the room.

Tolani was pissed off because Prince was flirting with two other girls right in her presence, and because of that, she was going to cut of whatever relationship she has with Prince.

Hmm.. It’s obvious she really likes him. However, Bright O tried to discourage her from doing so, stating that it’s a very childish thing to do. But Tolani baj didn’t mind being childish, as she said it’ll make her feel better if she told him.

Bright O tried to convince her otherwise all to no avail, before he drew the conclusion that she’s in love with Prince. Tolani denied it stating that she just likes him. But Bright O said that she wouldn’t be acting the way she is if she didn’t like him, and finally concluded that she won’t be able to tell Prince such a thing. Tolani baj still tried to form the tough guy. Guess how her conversation with Prince went


She found herself having a good time with Prince and enjoying his cake


In Tolani’s words, ”initially, I wanted to cut you off, but now, I don’t know ”


Bright O must be a prophet


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