BBNAIJA: There’s a snake in Big Brother’s House, See Who It Is


According to Rachael Hawthorne, Deception may give us what we want for the present but it will always take it away in the end. This quote may just be the reality of the slimy and deceptive personality currently in the Big Brother Naija House.

We all know that the stakes are high in every competition especially when the sum of N85m is involved. For anyone to clinch this money, you have to employ all manner of strategies that will resonate well with your fellow competitors and those rooting for you outside the house.

Though a trace of deception and stealth exists in all the contenders we can confidently say that of all the ‘reptiles’ present one can be likened to that of Moses in the Bible whose snake proved more powerful by swallowing all others.

I know you’re itching to know who this person or persons are but before I spill, I’d like to drop a few pointers that may guide you.

This individual is advantaged with respect to looks, charisma and persona. Though not much intellectual display has been recorded, we must agree that this particular housemate has managed to win the hearts of others and break some as well.

Call it a ploy to establish supremacy on neutral grounds, so many damages are being done which may eventually cost this person the chance to win. Are you beginning to figure out who this mystery ‘Decepticon’ is?

Let’s quickly list out the offences committed by this housemate.

1. On entering the house, this contender revealed he/she goes after what or who they want thereby making their intentions known. Though this person was turned down after making an attempt, by all means, to lure the other away from their preferred partner, the ‘Decepticon’ finally had its way.

2. It’s one thing to call someone your friend and it’s another to plot evil at their back. We have seen two occasions where hearts were broken and relationships almost severed because of this housemate in question.

Do I need to go any further? You guessed right, it’s none other than the Beauty Queen herself, Nengi.

The ravishing lady has successfully turned heads and cracked some ‘ships’ in the house with her game of deception.

First, it was Ozo and Dorathy. These two were the first to be dissolved after Nengi made her move on the light-skinned hunk. Just when we thought the duo would set sail, Nengi tactically crushed our dreams of Dorathy and Ozo becoming a couple. What’s worse is the fact that presently, Nengi makes Ozo feel wanted in secret but she makes no attempt to let others know that they’re close.

Erica and Kiddwaya were also hit by the missile of cunningness as Nengi tried and is still trying to split the duo. At some point, we witnessed a sudden drag between Erica and Kiddwaya. A few tears were shed as Kiddwaya showed consent leaving Erica to her fate. The on and off between Kiddwaya and Erica has made fans lose any hope of the two becoming an item. Just so you know, Erica and Nengi are friends.

Wathoni’s case has really been a sad one. Nengi who claims to have known Wathoni outside the Big Brother house used her as a breakup tool for Erica and Kiddwaya. Nengi dared Wathoni to kiss Kiddwaya and this caused a rift between the presumed lovebirds.

In the end, Wathoni became the enemy to avoid but unknown to others the real enemy was the light-skinned Diva.

When it was time to take down royalty, Nengi didn’t hold back. Seeing Prince getting cosy with another seemed to push Nengi’s button and she didn’t hesitate to respond. Knowing Prince had the Achilles heels for her derriere, Nengi decided to display it at all cost just to distract him enough to make him lose interest in the other party. A terrible situation for his Majesty I must say.

Bear in mind that Nengi claims to be in a relationship outside the house and stringing all the men along while separating them other female housemates may spell doom for her.

By the time the guys snap out of her spell, she would be the next target. To the best of my knowledge, things don’t really end well for the lady who slams heads together for her own selfish gains.

Whether or not she’s being real or tactical we still need to understand that a game is a game and participants will do all it takes to win. Sadly, not all moves are wise and Nengi’s is starting to reflect in her number of fans and we’ve noticed a decline and lack of enthusiasm for her.

Does she stand a chance to win the N85m grand prize or will she be booted out in a snap?

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