BBNaija Lockdown: If You Missed Nengi and Laycon Heart To Heart Conversation, Read It Here


Laycon and Nengi had a heart to heart discussion, they discussed about their different entanglement and how they found themselves in a love triangle.

Laycon told Nengi that after Erica, Nengi is the closest to him.

He is only talking to his next closest friend about how he has been sad all day.

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Nengi wanted to know if it had to do with Erica, but he said no, even though Erica thinks so too.

However, he admitted Erica contributed to it because she said something that made him disappointed but they have sorted it.

He doesn’t want to be in any entanglement and doesn’t want to put Erica in a situation where one party will be jealous and she will not be comfortable.

He feels he can deal with anything but doesn’t think Erica has that kinda mental strength so he wants to give her space, even though Erica says they don’t need it.

He says he has told Erica to not let any man get into his head and that whatever happens in the house is house parole and they can sort themselves outside the house.

Nengi talks about her own entanglements too, She is not ready to be involved with anyone cos she has a man outside the house who watched her 24-7.

She feels Ozo gets jealous of seeing her with prince and vice versa and she just wants to be friends with the two of them.

She also added that she didn’t want anything but friendship in the house and she has made that clear to both Ozo and Prince. She told Laycon that she wasn’t sure if Ozo will take it well but Prince can still take it well because he doesn’t show his feelings.

Gave an instance where she and Ozo had planned to eat some food together but Ozo later came to give her the food to eat alone.

She said she is certain Ozo did that because she was with prince. Laycon asks if she’s certain he did that out of jealousy and she confirmed same, because she knows Ozo.

Nengi said she has a guy outside and wouldn’t wanna disrespect him. But if she happens to leave the house to find out he’s in another relationship, she’ll move on.

Then Laycon asked her if she has discussed it with Ozo or Prince, she said Ozo can’t handle it but Prince might handle it.

She also thanked Laycon for the talk and advice, said she enjoys talking to him cos he is full of wisdom. Meanwhile, Kaisha says Trickytee is her spec because he makes her smile.

She likes tall, dark and handsome guys, and Trikytee fits into that description. She also said hat anybody that can her smile all the time is her spec.

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