BBN: What Is Her Mission? See What Nengi And Neo Were Doing In Front Of Vee And Other Housemates.


Nengi is now one of the most wanted female Housemate in big brother house or rather she wants all the guys. Lately, some of her actions have warranted viewers to ask what her mission in the house is.

If you’re a constant viewer of the show, you’ll come to know that Nengi has been involved with most of the male housemates, in terms of either conversations, friendships or even little relationships (which didn’t last).

According to Erica After their Saturday night party last week, they are the two hottest girls in the house. Well this could be true.

Neo has been known to be a very active guy whose mouth runs without wheels in the house. This trait of his wasn’t so liked by the viewers as he talked too much.

However, after he became entangled with our British lady, Vee he has toned down with his loud mouth that has no slow pace.

Neo and Vee

Just this afternoon, some of the housemates were together on a bed in a room and were having some discussions which Neo and Nengi weren’t part of though they were in the room with them.

Vee was in the room too and was engaged in their discussion but Neo was with Nengi at a corner getting a feet massage. Nengi had picked up his feet and with gloves on, she was rubbing his feet and massaging it gently.

It’s very obvious that Vee saw what they were doing. Erica, Prince, Laycon and Trickytee were all part of the room discussion and saw what Neo and Vee were doing.

What exactly is Nengi’s mission in this big brother house?. She isn’t with Ozo again, she has been spotted with Kiddwaya and even told him he is the guy she likes in the house.

Nengi and Ozo

She has been with Prince and later told him she is using him to catch cruise and now she has moved on to Neo with a feet massage.

See more Pictures of Nengi giving Neo some nice massage as a wife material, in front of Prince, Erica, Vee and other housemates.

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