BBN 2020: “Nengi Is Crushing On Me, You And Nengi Don’t Deserve Me” – Neo Informs Vee


BBN 2020: “Nengi Is Crushing On Me, You And Nengi Don’t Deserve Me” – Neo Informs Vee

The season 5 edition of the Big brother reality TV show has been entertaining and interesting since it started with a lot of twist among the housemates.

Neo, Vee and Nengi are among the housemates of the season 5 edition, but Neo and Vee are in a relationship in the house. Vee seems to love Neo very much in the house and they have been serving the viewers ‘couple’s goal’, but Neo is beginning to lose focus in the game which is now affecting his relationship in the house with Vee.

As of this morning, Vee had a conversation with Neo concerning their relationship, according to Vee, she doesn’t want to be with him alone in the house, she still wants to have fun with the other housemates but the conversation didn’t go down well with Neo because he want Vee all for himself.

Here is what he told Vee from their conversation, “you don’t deserve me, nobody deserve me not even Nengi not in terms of money but I a the only one who can make someone really happy, you’ve not met somebody like me, am too good for you. If you want to be alone that’s fine, enjoy yourself in the house and I will definitely eat fine; if you like me, I just want your time, every second of it, Nengi is crushing on me, she runs to me anytime.

I’m only ready to give myself to someone who deserves me, when I see someone that is worth my love, I will give my all to her but you don’t deserve my love, I will rather be a fool in love than be a fool to love, I want you more than anything and you want me more than anything, don’t get distracted; there are way more important things than you. There must be someone watching me right now and will be saying I should get up from the couch and get my head in the game, forgetting it’s not about the game, it’s about being real”.

With the way Neo reacted to the conversation, guys, do you think the relationship will still sail?

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